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1/70 scale drawing, Print at 100%

Jay Marsh (C), with Ross Hironaka (L)
and Ken Mizoi (R) in Poland in 1994

Saturn-IB Drawing

Presented here are two copies of the same drawing that was originally made for Jay Marsh's 1/66 scale FAI Saturn-IB model at the 1994 WSMC. It was also later used for Tom Campbell's FAI Saturn-IB models as well.

In 2006, it was updated for use with the Apogee 1/70 scale kits. A copy of the file was re-sized to 1/70 scale, and the dimension text changed to reflect 1/70 scale.

The only practical way to save them in a widely useful format was to save them as GIF files which converted to 72 DPI. That is a bit rough for printing, so I also made a copy twice as large, equal to 1/35 scale, but left the 1/70 dimensions. The 1/35 version is meant to be printed at 50% size, which will produce a 1/70 drawing with a resolution of 144 DPI, which is pretty smooth.

Take note that web browsers often choke on images as large as these. The 1/70 drawings is meant for 3 x 4' paper, and the 1/35 drawing would be 6 x 8' if printed full sized. This overwhelms a lot of browser. So, you should use the thumbnail links to download as files to your hard drive then open in your favorite image-viewing or editing software.

Below, an old 1/66 drawing of just the side view. This is notable because it shows a proven CG location for a stable model, when using scale-sized fins. It is roughly at the center of the interstage adapter. If the model liftoff CG is there or FORWARD, it should be stable. If aft of that, it may be unstable. Jay Marsh proved this out... the hard way, so you don't have to....


1/35 scale drawing, Print at 50%

Tom Campbell (L) assisted by Jay Marsh (R)
at the 1998 WSMC in Romania

Saturn-IB in Alabama

Photos of the Saturn-IB at the Visitor's Welcome Center on the southbound lane of I-65, just a few miles south of Tennessee.

Scale builders/researchers should note that there are some errors with this IB. The S-IVB second stage is mounted upside down. The forward stringer section (108 stringers) is thus atop the Interstage adapter (112 stringers), the mismatch is evident. The aft stringer section of the second stage, which actually should be on top, is totally missing (Possibly this was why the stage was mounted upside down). The Systems Tunnel on the side of the second stage is mostly missing. Some tunnels on the tanks of the first stage are missing. No BPC over the Command Module. There is an access ladder attached to the Escape Rocket, and aircraft warning beacons. "Life raft" shaped heat shields for outer four engines at the base, are missing.

View driving North on I-65. Welcome Center is on West side, accessed on Southbound Lane

Looks sorta good in this view. Note Service Module thrusters are missing

From bottom to top: partly open hatch door, Interstage missing separaitin retro rocekts, 2nd stage upside down and missing its "base" (which would be at top), 2nd stage systems tunnel mostly missing.

More of the same here. Better view of crude SM, Aircract Beacon lights on top, and partial view of ladder on far side.

Some of the tanks are missing system tunnels. The white stuff on the fins and body is bird stuff. This sort of pic is useful for things like details of the fins and the hold-downs. The hold-downs here were the real ones as used for the early Saturn-IB flights.

U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville has some Saturn Interstage Adapters used as buildings.

These are located in front of the Pathfinder Shuttle.

Sat-V 2nd-3rd interstage at left, Saturn-IB interstage at right

IB interstage - On left is a hinged door added to it for building access. At right, the mounting brackets for the stating retro-rockets

Lower left is top of retro-rocket mount, at right an access panel. I had no dimensions for the access panel until measuring this real one

Measuriing the stringers and seeing details of the stringers and rivets.